“I would definitely recommend EOS Rejuvenation to friends and family members, now only is Dr. Nima exceptional at what he does but also the facility is beautiful and it makes you feel comfortable walking in here knowing that this is an office that is going to take care of you.”

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Nima for any procedure that he can perform. The staff is amazing. It’s great. The experience is 100% and I felt protected, taken care of, cared for. It is just a great overall experience.”

“I am extremely satisfied. I cannot stop looking at it in the mirror. I look at it. I’m like, “Really? He did this? He’s a genius.”

Board certified plastic surgeon

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“My sister..a patient of Dr. Nima’s said, ‘Go talk to him; go meet him.’ And I did. After that, I did not go anywhere else; I didn’t talk to anyone else. I just felt very comfortable; I liked him a lot. I thought this is definitely the place to be.”


“A really good friend of mine had some plastic surgery with the doctor, and I was so impressed with it I pursued an interview to see what he might do to be able to make me look better..I felt that if Dr. Nima could help me look younger, then I would really be interested in having some plastic surgery to do that.”

“Speaking with Dr Newman I could tell right away that he knew exactly what he was doing he was very knowledgeable about the issues I was facing and he explained exactly what he was going to do and I knew right away that he was the person to trust the first”


“After my procedure, I noticed that I feel more confident. I also do get a lot of compliments, as far as my profile goals, families and friends that knew me. They compliment me all the time that my nose looks perfect. And I just feel like it gave me a boost of self-esteem.”