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Meet Dr. Nima Shemirani

  • Double Board Certified facial plastic, head and neck surgeon
  • Performed over 5,000 facial procedures
  • Honored in the RealSelf Top 100 and 500 list for seven consecutive years
  • Ranks among the top 1% of his 20,000-member doctor community
  • Fellow of the Glasgold Group in New Jersey

About Rhinoplasty

Faces are symphonies where the eyes, lips, and brows all play an important part in the overall composition. But, as with all art, there is a core upon which the parts depend to create “harmony.” With the face, this center and its most prominent feature is the nose; its size and shape can dramatically affect your overall appearance. It is no wonder, then, that a nose job is one of the most frequently performed facial rejuvenation procedures for people of all ages.

Noses can be Romanesque, aquiline, upturned, pug, etc.; the only constant is that each one is unique and the key to a successful rhinoplasty is ensuring that the nose “blends” with your particular facial structure to achieve a natural, proportional look. If this all sounds like an artistic endeavor, that is because great rhinoplasty requires a special combination of surgical skill and aesthetic sense. It is this unique, but essential, combination that Dr. Nima brings to the surgical table.

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Our Approach To Rhinoplasty

With a unique understanding of his patients’ hopes and fears, Dr. Nima has spent years perfecting his surgical technique to achieve the best results with the minimum amount of discomfort and downtime for the patient. He meticulously re-crafts the nasal structure through careful modification of bone and cartilage, enabling him to firmly secure the components. This process completely eliminates the need for uncomfortable nasal packing which significantly reduces post-operative discomfort, bruising and swelling and helps avoid post-surgery difficulties in breathing. What all of this means for the patient, is that – within approximately seven days after undergoing the procedure – most of our patients can return to their regular lives.


Gentle Revision Rhinoplasty

There are generally three categories of revisional rhinoplasty: aesthetic (to improve appearance), functional (to improve breathing, decrease snoring, or otherwise alleviate nasal discomfort), or a combination of both. Each category involves a different approach.

Aesthetic revision rhinoplasty is the more common of the two. For some, an initial rhinoplasty left their nose too pinched or crooked, or a hump may not have been satisfactorily alleviated. In such instances, a revision will focus on building the nose back up. We will replace missing cartilage and give the nose more support.


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty For Fast Results

The phrase “going under the knife” can strike fear even in the most courageous patient. It is no surprise that some of our patients are not quite ready or comfortable with the commitment and cost required for surgery. At Eos Rejuvenation, Dr. Nima has enthusiastically honed his technique in utilizing injectables to perform what is called a “Non-Surgical Nose Job.” With a skillful hand and artistic eye, Dr. Nima carefully places small amounts of “fillers” to hide bumps, straighten lines, lift and refine nasal tips, all without any incisions. The results are immediately evident and there is virtually no recovery downtime.

Happy Patient Testimonials

“If you’re looking for the absolute best facial surgeon in LA, you found him. Not only are my results beautiful, but recovery was so much easier than I expected. My breathing has improved a ton, and the cosmetic results look so natural people that have known me my whole life can’t quite put their finger on what’s different …” Happy Patient

“Literally the best!! Dr. Nima and staff are the friendliest people. I received exceptional treatment and felt very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I would 1000% recommend going here for high quality service.” Happy Patient

“Dr. Nima is the absolute best. His staff is incredible as well; extremely accommodating and is there for you. Answers every single one of your questions and puts your mind at ease. Search no further when doing your research. Seriously take it from me, and I did extensive research for up to half a year. The results are incredible and I will not go to anyone else. Thank you, Dr. Nima. Your professionalism and surgical skill set is unparalleled.” Happy Patient

“Dr. Nima is nothing short of an artist and a genius! On top of him being so professional, he is kind, modest and honest. I feel so lucky to have a doctor I can completely trust with my face. He has the talent to make you look amazing and yet, so natural! I’m 51 years old and I look and feel amazing because of him. Thank you Dr. Nima.” Happy Patient

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