Female Buttocks In White Boy Shorts Showing Holding An Orange With HandIn our practice we have seen patients coming in asking about our nonsurgical buttock augmentation. A small subset of these patients have had previous surgery where they have had a Brazilian butt lift and they are left with either irregularities or asymmetries between the buttocks. They are a little wary of undergoing another procedure because they do not want to have the down time or the expense. In addition, there are obvious risks with surgical procedures including infection, fluid collections, scarring and further asymmetries. If they have a small asymmetry or maybe did not get enough volume in their hips to make their buttock look more proportional in other areas, they just need little touch-ups, a nonsurgical buttock augmentation is a great idea for these patients. We offer Sculptra. Sculptra can be used to fill out the hips a little more or fill in defects and fix asymmetries. We find it to be a good choice because there is no anesthesia, no down time, and it is an in-office procedure. Results are typically seen within 4-6 weeks and we can make adjustments with further touchups down the road. Typically, patients require 2-3 treatments for nice results, or if they want more, we can definitely add more.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to call our Beverly Hills office at (310) 772-2866.