Not everyone is satisfied with the nose they were born with, and sometimes, the issue is simply due to size. A nose may seem like it is too big when compared with the surrounding facial features or shaped in a way that is not aesthetically pleasing. Regardless, having a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job can provide you with a beautiful facial aesthetic.

Addressing Nose Shapes with Rhinoplasty

Specifically, rhinoplasty can be used to correct various conditions and provide your nose with a more beautiful shape. Dr. Nima Shemirani, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has a long track record of performing rhinoplasty procedures for his patients, addressing a wide range of nose conditions.

When you first meet with Dr. Nima, you will have a chance to discuss what you do not like about your nose and your realistic expectations of your surgery. He will then develop a treatment plan to provide you with the nose you have always wanted, offering natural-looking results tailored to your needs and goals.

As you consider getting a rhinoplasty procedure, keep in mind that a nose job can be used to correct any of the following:

1) Hump

Patients who have this condition may exhibit a prominent hump on their noses. Most of the time, a dorsal hump is present from birth, but there are also scenarios in which patients develop a humped nose as a result of facial trauma. No matter how you acquired a humped nose, a rhinoplasty procedure can smooth away the bump, leaving you with a more graceful and elegant shape. This nose shape is one of the most common reasons patients seek rhinoplasty.

2) Pinched Nose

Another common condition that can be corrected with rhinoplasty is a pinched nose, which means the tip of your nose is extremely narrow. While some people are born with a pinched nose, it can also result from a failed rhinoplasty procedure (typically performed by a doctor who is not well-credentialed or experienced). 

Patients with a pinched nose often suffer from breathing problems, and getting a nose job can help address both aesthetic issues and functional problems, improving your quality of life in more ways than one.

3) Boxy Tip

Some patients seek rhinoplasty as a way of addressing a boxy tip. This nose shape is characterized by a nasal tip that is broad and thick, and is caused by the nasal cartilage being arranged in a way that gives the nose a trapezoidal shape. Generally, this type of nasal shape is present from birth.

Through rhinoplasty, Dr. Nima can narrow the tip of the nose, providing you with a more graceful aesthetic and bringing your nose into greater harmony with your other facial features.

4) Bulbous Tip

Other patients seek rhinoplasty because they have a bulbous tip. This condition is characterized by a round nasal tip that is often disproportional to the rest of the face.

Through a rhinoplasty procedure, your surgeon can reshape the underlying structure of the nose, rearranging cartilage and even bone to provide the nose with a softer and more appealing shape. This common nasal shape is frequently remedied with a nose job.

5) Plunging Tip

The plunging tip is one of the most subtle nasal shapes. In fact, it may not be evident at all until you smile when the nasal tip plunges downward. 

This type of tip is prevalent and typically present from birth, and it is also easily addressed through the intervention of an experienced facial plastic surgeon.

6) Hanging Columella

Columella refers to the tissues that separate the left and right chambers of your nose. A hanging columella is a condition in which the nostrils are positioned slightly higher than the columella, making the nostrils appear bigger and more “open.” This condition can occur naturally, but in some situations, it occurs as the result of a failed rhinoplasty procedure.

With rhinoplasty, you can have the hanging columella addressed, resulting in nostrils that look much more natural and proportional.

7) Widened Nose

A widened nose describes a nose that has a flat, broad appearance. This nose shape can occur naturally, but it is often the result of facial trauma. A widened nose is an aesthetic problem and may also contribute to breathing difficulties.

Through rhinoplasty, you can achieve a narrower and shapelier nose and gain the ability to breathe normally and effortlessly.

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Are you having trouble breathing, or are you overall unsatisfied with the appearance of your nose?

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