After childbirth, many moms start wondering about ways they can enhance their physical appearance, allowing them to feel confident in their own skin or simply to extend some of that pregnancy glow.

One of the most common aesthetic procedures of all is rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery designed to bring the nose into proper harmony with the other facial features. Rhinoplasty may be performed to correct issues of size and/or shape, resulting in a natural and beautiful appearance. 

Women who have given birth can certainly be good candidates for rhinoplasty, but according to board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Nima Shemirani of Eos Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, it is important to wait an appropriate amount of time, ensuring the body is ready for the rigors of surgery.

When Can New Moms Have Rhinoplasty?

All moms are different, and their post-pregnancy recoveries can progress at varied timelines. For most moms, Dr. Nima recommends waiting 3 months after they stop breastfeeding before having rhinoplasty or any other type of aesthetic surgery.  

It is important to wait before having rhinoplasty after a cesarean or vaginal birth for a couple of reasons. One, it allows the body to regain its strength following childbirth, which can help to ensure a smoother rhinoplasty recovery with a lower risk of complication. Additionally, moms may need to wean their babies or switch to formula before having surgery, as both anesthesia and antibiotics can impact the quality and quantity of breast milk that is available.

What are the Advantages of Waiting?

While it is perfectly natural to feel eager or impatient about seeking aesthetic surgery, there are ultimately many advantages to waiting.

One of the main benefits of waiting a year or so before having surgery is that recovery from rhinoplasty requires a fair amount of downtime. Most patients will need to rest and heal for a week or more. Peace and quiet may be hard to come by when you have a baby in the house, but not as challenging as juggling your recovery with newborn sleep cycles, breastfeeding, and the like.

But the main reason to delay surgery is for your general health and wellness. Giving birth to a baby is no small thing, and it will leave your body weakened for several weeks or even months.

Talk to Your Doctor

Ultimately, the best way to evaluate your readiness for rhinoplasty (or revision rhinoplasty, correcting issues with an earlier procedure) is to talk to your doctor. Your readiness is ultimately about your unique recovery timeline, and that is something that only you and your medical provider can determine.