Occasionally we have patients who are interested both in a rhinoplasty and a lip lift. An open rhinoplasty entails making a small incision in the columella of the nose. The lip lift incision goes below the nose incision and hides very well within the creases of the lower part of the nose.

Many surgeons are worried that if they make those two incisions, it will cause skin necrosis of that small piece of skin between the columella and the upper lip. Dr. Nima can safely make both incisions and perform both procedures at the same time to reduce the downtime. It can be done using a meticulous technique to minimize any side effects or complications.

Typically, the upper lip incisions are marked out preoperatively in the holding area of the operating room. This is done in an upright position. The open rhinoplasty is performed first, and once that operation is finished, the upper lip lift is performed.

Lifting the upper lip will not only produce the results of a fuller upper lip but is also an anti-aging procedure. As we get older, the upper lip gets longer and reveals your age. The upper lip lift is meant as a rejuvenating procedure to produce more facial Harmony and pleasing proportions.

Dr. Nima is a facial plastic surgeon and skilled in revision rhinoplasty. Combining the two procedures at the same time is not only safe but will save time.

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