Ladies, I know you have always been trying to give yourselves the perfect makeover to get those full and firm set of lips. I know when it comes to watching celebrities walk down the red carpet with a beautiful smile it only makes you wonder what they did to make their lips look so plump. We always try to guide our patients in the right direction, but our goal is not to turn you into a celebrity. Instead we aim to give you the tools you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. With that we have a few simple methods to help you get full and attractive lips.

The Right Color And Going Matte

We know that being thrifty is on your mind, and playing around with lipstick color options may be all you need for fuller lips. Sticking with shades that are close in tone with your natural lips is the first step. You do not want to draw too much attention from your lipstick shade, because it is really obvious when you flirt with bold colors.

The next trick to a fuller kiss is going with matte lipstick formula. This type of lipstick is a long-lasting solution to gain that full pout. Some matte formulas are dry, so try and stick to the semi-matte formula. However, the creamier the lipstick is the more it rubs off, so choose wisely.

Lip Exercises

As odd as it sounds, lip exercises have shown some success in women in the past. The reason being is that facial muscles that are not used often lose tone and plumpness over time. By exercising your lips with proper methods this will build up muscle to replace the fullness that was lost. Here are the steps to a quick and easy exercise to build your lips naturally:

  1. Drink a glass of water and apply lip balm on both lips.
  2. Pucker your lips, kiss your hand and blow the kiss away, try and keep your forehead and other areas of the face relaxed to avoid scrunching up your skin. Repeat this 15 times.
  3. Form an “O” with your lips and exhale for 10 repetitions.
  4. At the end, tap your lips firmly with your index and middle finger three times to draw out some color.

Lip Augmentation

Not all sexy lips are achieved naturally, so you may find yourself out of options at first but there are plenty of women with a plump set of lips who go the route of non-surgical lip augmentation.

A full set of lips can be achieved without invasive surgical procedures, using dermal fillers. Dermal fillers traditionally are utilized as an anti-aging technique to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, so our goal is to fill out depleted lips with the right treatment. Fillers come in various options, such as CosmoDerm®, Restylane®, and JUVÉDERM® to name a few. One of the most common ingredients found in fillers is hyaluronic acid, a natural protein found in our bodies. Because of this safety feature we can ensure that the substance blends in naturally with the body after injection.

Most dermal fillers last several months after treatment, so it is a safe bet to schedule a second treatment for a touch up or follow-up procedure. We will help you determine which solution facial filler is suitable to give you sexier and fuller lips.

If you want to learn how to naturally enhance your lips, schedule a consultation for lip augmentation in our Beverly Hills office at (310) 982-4612.