This is a frequently asked question regarding rhinoplasty surgery

Most rhinoplasty patients want to know when:

  • they can go back to work
  • they can go out to a social function
  • they can start exercising
  • the results will be final and fully healed

After rhinoplasty surgery, most patients can expect the following timeline:

  • 1 week – cast and stitches come out, nose is still very swollen
  • 2 weeks – Swelling continues to come down, bruising completely resolves, it is OK to go out to a social function as most people won’t notice the swelling
  • 3 weeks – OK to start exercising
  • 4 weeks – 50-75% of the swelling has come down, the tip remains swollen the longest
  • 6 months – results are final and all the swelling has resolved

There is little pain or discomfort associated with rhinoplasty surgery and the satisfaction rates are one of the highest in plastic surgery.

-Nima Shemirani, MD

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