If you are exploring your rhinoplasty surgeon options, choosing the right one can make a huge difference in your overall experience and the success of your procedure. When researching, Dr. Nima recommends you look for these six red flags that may indicate a facial plastic surgeon’s lack of skill, credentials, and experience.

1.   Minimal Amount of Before & After Pictures

When browsing a potential rhinoplasty surgeon’s website, make sure to take a look at their before and after rhinoplasty pictures. Do they have an expansive gallery? Does the doctor show before and after noses at every angle? If you find they only have a few examples or show just the front or side profile, this is a potential indication that their rhinoplasty results do not look good.

2.   They Tend to Only Perform on One Type of Patient

Another major red flag for a facial plastic surgeon is that they only perform rhinoplasty on one type of patient. For example, if their before and after gallery primarily features patients of one specific ethnicity or only one type of nose, like the Barbie nose, it is likely they do not have a lot of experience performing rhinoplasty on a broad spectrum of patients with different backgrounds and aesthetic goals.

3.   Not a Board Certified Surgeon

If you find a rhinoplasty surgeon who is not board certified, do not simply walk away—run away! Board certification is a must-have certification for any reputable and trusted facial plastic surgeon. It shows that the surgeon has gone through the proper training and testing to meet the highest standards of education and certification.

4.   Limited Experience in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a highly complex procedure and your facial plastic surgeon should have years of experience performing this surgery. If your prospective facial plastic surgeon has only performed a handful of rhinoplasties or has a limited amount of experience in this field, consider this a red flag.

At Eos Rejuvenation, Dr. Nima has nearly two decades of experience in facial plastic surgery and has performed hundreds of rhinoplasties, lending to his renowned reputation among both patients and peers.

5.   Has Zero Hospital Privileges Procedure

Hospital privileges for facial plastic surgeons not only validate their competency and proficiency in performing various cosmetic procedures, it also assures patients of the facial plastic surgeon’s qualifications. Additionally, hospital privileges play a pivotal role in upholding patient safety, fostering excellent care, and facilitating access to a wide range of resources. Rhinoplasties at Eos Rejuvenation are now performed at our luxurious outpatient surgical center, which is accredited by Medicare and JCAHO (same as hospitals).

6.   Spends Little Time with You at Your Consultation

Your initial rhinoplasty consultation is crucial for making an informed decision and confidently moving forward with your surgery.

Your facial plastic surgeon should take the time to sit down with you, actively listen to your concerns and aesthetic goals, learn more about your background, and collaborate with you on how to achieve the best possible outcome. It is a huge red flag if your prospective rhinoplasty surgeon does anything less than this.

If you are searching for a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon in Beverly Hills, we invite you to consider Dr. Nima! Not only is he a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon with two decades of experience, he has also successfully performed rhinoplasty on patients with all nose types, sizes, and shapes. You can learn more about Dr. Nima here.