I Have Nasal Obstruction That Switches Sides Throughout The Day. Why Does That Happen?

The nasal cycle, which is a very common phenomenon, is something the body does throughout the day. Every several hours, one side of the nose will swell up a little bit more compared to the other side. You may also notice if you sleep on that one side, that side ends up swelling more because of gravity and that is what is closer to the ground. A nasal cycle is completely normal and should not be treated as a disease.

If I Have A Breathing Problem, Is Nose Surgery Dangerous?

Nose surgery, when done in the properly selected patient, is very safe. Depending on the exam and what the causes of the nasal obstruction are, there are various maneuvers that can be done to improve breathing in multiple places. A discussion with the rhinoplasty surgeon is necessary to go over the details of the procedure to see if any changes are going to be made to the outside of the nose and what to expect after surgery. The most common risk associated with a rhinoplasty is a nosebleed, which fortunately is very rare.

Can A Rhinoplasty Help Me?

If you have given a lot of thought to having a rhinoplasty, then it can definitely help you. If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks and this affects your self-esteem, then rhinoplasty has been proven to increase self-esteem and overall happiness, especially in a job well done. In addition, if you have trouble breathing, this can also be addressed at the same time as the rhinoplasty. It is very common for us to correct breathing problems, which also enhance the look of the nose, therefore leaving you with the nose you love and one that works well and will keep you from snoring.

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