A nose with a low bridge can appear wide and flat from the front. We have various surgical maneuvers to narrow a nose. The first is to build up the bridge, which looks more anatomical, and proportionate, as well as more narrow from the front view. Some patients need their nostrils narrowed. Narrowing the nostrils can be performed either inside the nose for a small amount of narrowing, or with a small incision outside the nose, hidden in the crease. Combining these maneuvers of building up the bridge, refining the tip and narrowing the nostrils will turn a wide, flat nose into something that is more refined and more narrow.

Can The Nasal Bones Of The Nose Be Made More Narrow, Yet Still Look More Natural?

This is a very common question, and yes, the nasal bones can be narrowed somewhere between 1 and 3 mm on each side and still maintain a natural look. In order to maintain proportions of the nose, sometimes the lower half of the nose needs to be narrowed as well, and that way a nice hourglass shape to the nose on frontal view can be achieved. If it is just the bones that need to be narrowed, this can all be done from within the nose without any external incisions. Incisions are made inside the nose and an instrument is used to reset the nasal bones closer to the middle, therefore narrowing the nose.

How To Keep The Nose Clean After Surgery

We recommend to all of our patients that they use a saline nasal spray, which is essentially saltwater, and can be sprayed inside the nose to keep it clean. During the first two weeks of recovery, patients are not allowed to blow their nose because it could increase their risk for nosebleeds. Instead we use saline nasal spray and patients take a sniff in to keep it clean. If there are any stubborn blood clots, then hydrogen peroxide on a Q-Tip is used to dissolve those blood clots and keep it clean. We encourage our patients to clean their nose anywhere from four to six times a day, or even more if necessary. Keeping the nose clean will make the recovery easier for the patient because it allows them to breathe better despite the swelling.

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