With our busy hectic schedules, taking time off from work and our personal life is often difficult. Sometimes in order for patients to reach their desired aesthetic results, multiple procedures are necessary and require more time off. Combining plastic surgery procedures can be very beneficial but is it safe? Over time combination surgery has grown widely popular among individuals. It is a great way to cut out total downtime by eliminating multiple recovery periods. If you want to reshape your nose and remove unwanted skin around the eyes simultaneously there are no issues for doing so.

Benefits Of Combining Rhinoplasty And Blepharoplasty

Combining these two plastic surgery procedures is a great way to restore natural balance to your face. Generally, patients that undergo rhinoplasty require 3-4 weeks to fully recover and patients that undergo upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) require 2 weeks to fully recover. Combining these two procedures requires only one recovery period, which allows you to reach the results you desire quickly.

Combination surgery can be very beneficial for the patient because it can reduce recovery time and it can also lower your cost since you will only need to be placed under anesthesia once. It is safe to get rhinoplasty and upper eyelid surgery without suffering from any long-term or recovery issues. Lower eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty may require a longer recovery period unlike upper eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Performing lower eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty might have one drawback, because they may cause significant bruising under the eyes. When these two procedures are combined, there can be prolonged bruising, which can last anywhere from one to three months after surgery. Rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery can give you a younger appearance and a natural balance to your facial features.

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