Men and women in Beverly Hills who aren’t happy with the way their nose looks know that rhinoplasty, or a nose job, is a great solution to get the profile and facial appearance they want. At Eos Rejuvenation, Dr. Nima has spent years perfecting his rhinoplasty technique to provide his patients with amazing, beautiful results they can be proud of. If you’ve been considering rhinoplasty, you might be wondering how long it will take before you will be able to see your final results. Dr. Nima values patient education, so we’re here to discuss the rhinoplasty procedure, when you should expect to see your results, and other things you should consider before making the decision to move forward with cosmetic surgery.

When Will I See My Final Results?

For most rhinoplasty patients in Beverly Hills, final results will be visible between six and twelve months. Though this sounds like a wide range of time, it’s necessary because every person heals differently, and every rhinoplasty procedure is different. Some are more involved than others; therefore, those will require more time to heal, and results will take a bit longer to see.

Rhinoplasty Recovery Timeline

Patients will experience swelling and bruising around the eyes during the first week after rhinoplasty. However, this swelling usually resolves on its own within two to four weeks for most patients.

We live in a “microwave” society these days, and our tendency is to want results and answers now, but trust us, the wait you will experience before you see your final results will be well worth it. If you’ve struggled with self-confidence issues your entire life, six to twelve months for a new nose that you can be proud of is not that long.

Things To Consider Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty

In addition to having a six to twelve-month period before you see your final results, Dr. Nima recommends his Beverly Hills patients take a few things into consideration before deciding to have rhinoplasty:

  • Have Realistic Expectations For What A Rhinoplasty Will Do For You – Do you have realistic expectations for your procedure? Everyone’s nose is unique, meaning it may not be realistic for Dr. Nima to emulate another person’s nose. Be sure to discuss your true desires for your final outcome with Dr. Nima so he can let you know whether or not your expectations are attainable.
  • Rhinoplasty Has Risks And Potential Side Effects – Rhinoplasty carries risks, just like any other medical procedure. Discomfort, discoloration, and nosebleeds are some of the potential side effects, but adhering to Dr. Nima’s post-op instructions reduce the risk of side effects.
  • Differences After Rhinoplasty Surgery – Though rhinoplasty doesn’t change your voice, it could change the resonance. If you are a professional singer or actor, you may notice that your voice is less nasal after having rhinoplasty surgery.

Based In Beverly Hills, CA, Dr. Nima’s Skill And Experience Can Give You The Nose You’ve Been Dreaming Of

With more than 8,000 facial procedures under his belt, Dr. Nima has the experience to provide you with amazing, aesthetically pleasing rhinoplasty results.