Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a very hot procedure that has an excellent satisfaction fate, according to RealSelf.  Satisfaction rates can range between 92-95% for this procedure, and in my experience I have found that out of all the nonsurgical procedures this has the highest satisfaction rate because it produces immediate effects that most people think are not possible without surgery.  In non-surgical rhinoplasty, we use fillers to fill the nose to make it look more proportional and more attractive.  We can hide bumps, lift tips, as well as make noses appear more straight.  Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure because if your nose is too large, then adding filler would make it look even bigger.  At the time of your consultation, we can perform a Photoshop morph of the nose so you can see what it will look like with the addition of a filler.

The procedure typically takes about 15 minutes.  We apply numbing cream to the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes and then perform the non-surgical rhinoplasty.  It is very important to have a trained specialist who does both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty because of the dangers involved with it.  The most significant danger is that blood vessels injected with the filler can cause necrosis or skin death.  This is an extremely traumatic complication that should not happen if it is done using the proper techniques.  In my office, I use a very tiny syringe that does not create much pressure for the injection.  Out of all the fillers, I like to use a hyaluronic acid based filler and not use any Radiesse.  The reason for this is that in case there is any kind of complication, there is a medicine that can be injected immediately to dissolve the filler.  I typically like to use Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma, depending on the patient.  Restylane Lyft gives the most definition without causing a more bulbous look or a rounded looks.  If people are sometimes resistant to Restylane Lyft (it may metabolize ore quickly), then I switch over to Voluma, which will also create a nice look in the appropriately selected patient.  I can bring nostrils down to make them look more symmetric, lift the tip, as well as hide bumps.  Results typically last between nine to 12 months, and a touch-up is usually scheduled within a month of the initial procedure, after the product has settled.

If you are interested in a non-surgical rhinoplasty, please contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 982-4612 for a complimentary consultation.