To get the best looking set of lips, it helps to know what makes them look amazing and kissable. The top lip should be just a little shorter than the bottom lip and the upper lip should stick out just a little more than the bottom lip (from the side). Thin lips are a sign of aging and adding volume to them will make you look younger and sexier. Lip augmentation is a great way to add volume while keeping a soft natural look. Keep reading as we answer the most common questions regarding a lip augmentation procedure.

Does It Hurt?

With a good numbing cream and ice, we can avoid most bruising and discomfort. Most clients say that it doesn’t hurt much at all.

Will It Swell?

Yes, for the first 2 days, there is a high anxiety period because the lips will swell and you may not like them at first. What we see, though, is that once the swelling comes down, our clients want to go back to the swollen look.

What If I Don’t Like Them?

Juvederm®, which is used most often in the lips, can be completely dissolved. With that said, I have never had to dissolve a set of my own lips, just other injectors.

Who Should I Go To?

If you want natural looking results with an artistic eye, you should go to an experienced facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon, or dermatologist. I would avoid going somewhere that has a special and injectors who are not properly trained on what looks good and how to inject the material comfortably. You will end up spending more time and money fixing a bad lip job in the end.

What Does Lip Augmentation Cost?

It can range from $450-700 per syringe depending on where you live.

How Long Does A Lip Augmentation Last?

The first time around, it can last about 6 months. With 2 or 3 regular injections, the product will last longer and it will require less Juvederm® to maintain your results. At some point, you may not need any more injections.

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