Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. Many brides decide to commit to a Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty to improve their facial features before their big day. We understand how important it is to look your absolute best and feel comfortable with your appearance.  Rhinoplasty surgery reshapes and resizes your nose to bring a natural balance to your face.

Get Your Fiancé Involved

Having a nose job is a big decision; your significant other should be involved in this decision. Weigh your options of having the procedure and consider the best time to undergo the surgery. It is also important to receive advice from other loved ones.

Schedule Your Rhinoplasty Early

One of the most important aspects to scheduling nose surgery is the time it can take to recover. Cosmetic surgeons advise their patients to have the procedure at least 3 months in advance to give your nose enough time to recover. Your nose will be noticeably swollen during the first couple of days after surgery and most of the swelling is gone in as little as three weeks. However, you want to give your nose enough time to properly heal and for the swelling to completely disappear.

Take Advantage Of Recovery Time

During this downtime it can be an excellent opportunity to continue planning your celebration. Many brides decide to stay in for the first few weeks after the procedure to give their nose time to heal. Use this time to continue planning.

Consult your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Nima, for more information on the procedure. He will be able to provide you a precise timeline for your nose surgery.  Also, visit our gallery for images of past patients and their results. Patient 6 for instance wanted the hump removed, the tip lifted and narrowed. After her rhinoplasty, she has excellent results that are subtle and more proportionate to her features.

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