What If I Hit My Nose After A Rhinoplasty? When Should I Be Concerned?

Within the first six weeks of rhinoplasty, the healing is still happening and the nose can be sensitive to any kind of damage or trauma that occurs to it. If you hit your nose and you find it hurts or causes a nosebleed, then this should be of concern and you should see your surgeon as soon as possible. If it is small tap and there is no pain or redness afterwards, usually this will not be a long-term issue. In general, if you have any questions or concerns, you should always contact your surgeon should you sustain any trauma to the nose.

Taping A Nose After Rhinoplasty?

Some patients tell us they have heard that it is necessary to tape the nose while they are recovering from a rhinoplasty. In general, this is not necessary unless we take a really big nose and make it small, or the patient has thick skin and we are concerned about scar tissue developing underneath the skin. Typically we have patients wear tape at night time to hold the skin down as it is healing, so the patient ends up with a nice refined look and not a lot of scar tissue underneath the skin.

If you are concerned about a nose injury or whether to use tape, contact our Beverly Hills office to talk to a member of our team today at (310) 982-4612.