Bell’s palsy, also known as facial palsy, occurs at any age. It causes weakness in facial muscles, making one half of the face appear droopy. Your smile is one-sided and your eye resists to close. The effects develop suddenly, without warning and usually gets better within a few weeks, but many are left with continued drooping skin.

Botox®, known best for its cosmetic treatment of frown lines and wrinkles, not only serves as anti-aging treatment but an effective treatment for Bell’s palsy and other facial nerve issues. The Loyola University Health System reported that Botox® corrects effects that occur after Bell’s palsy, as well as unwanted facial movements from synkinesis.

The causes of Bell’s palsy are still unclear to most medical experts, but the condition usually is linked to viruses and nerve damage from inflammation. Besides the sudden weakness and paralysis of the face, symptoms include drooling, tearing or dry eye, loss of taste, pain in or behind the ear, numbness and increased sensitivity to sound.

Botox® injections are proteins derived from botulinum toxin. It relaxes unwanted muscle movements on the normal side of the face and reduces tension that occurs from bell’s palsy and other facial paralysis issues.

When treated with proper dosage, Botox improves facial symmetry and reduces muscle contractures and spasms.

Botox® injections are quick and performed in our office. The region just above the overactive muscle is cleansed and injected with the Botox® solution, with minimal discomfort. During consultation we determine which areas of the forehead, eyes and neck will respond to treatment and discuss expected results.

Men and women suffering from facial paralysis and other related conditions, such as Bell’s palsy can schedule a consultation and discuss treatment. We look forward to helping you achieve the natural and youthful look you have been searching for.

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