Lip Augmentation

Whether nature failed to bless you with full, luscious lips or the plump lips of your youth have “deflated” over time, you can now get that coveted “bee-stung” look without the stinger! Our patients love lip injections because they are a quick and easy way to enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence.

Chin Augmentation

The facial plastic surgery procedure that has been gaining the most attention lately has been chin augmentation. Clients have been looking to strengthen their chin in order to balance out the rest of their face.

Lip Augmentation

Plump up thin lips and enhance volume with lip injections. Achieve that perfect pucker and a fuller lip with natural-looking lip augmentation that accentuates facial features and boosts self-esteem.

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Lip Reduction

Reshape lips to create a more proportional look and reduce volume with lip reduction surgery. Optimize the balance of facial features and lip function while maintaining a beautiful smile.

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Chin Augmentation

Redefining the jawline and creating softer curves can improve the overall balance of facial features. Chin augmentation adds additional volume and makes the jawline stand out without being dominating.

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Facial Plastic Surgeon

Maintain your youthful looks and keep aging at bay with the help of a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Nima Shemirani has performed over 6000 facial procedures in the heart of Beverly Hills. When it comes to your face, you deserve only the best. Schedule a consultation today to see if your desired procedure is right for you.

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