Men and women in Beverly Hills choose rhinoplasty for many reasons. Rhinoplasty can correct a broken nose, improve debilitating breathing problems, correct previous rhinoplasty results, or just improve a patient’s overall appearance. No matter the reason, rhinoplasty is intimate and personal. Dr. Nima of Eos Rejuvenation is careful to customize every rhinoplasty to fit the needs of his individual patients. His goal is to provide his rhinoplasty patients with exceptional skills and results, making your journey as comfortable and understandable as possible.

Some of Dr. Nima’s patients express concern over losing their sense of smell after having a rhinoplasty. To help ease your fears, we’re going to talk about this concern today in this blog, so keep reading.

Is A Rhinoplasty Right For You?

To truly know whether or not rhinoplasty is right for you, the best thing you can do is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Nima in Beverly Hills. During this appointment, he will take time to fully understand your reason for seeking rhinoplasty, address the questions or concerns you have regarding the procedure, and ensure you are setting realistic goals for your final results. Dr. Nima will also take time to show you his state-of-the-art computer imaging program, which provides an excellent visual tool for previewing possible results.

At Eos Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills, Dr. Nima offers different surgical rhinoplasty procedures to fit the needs of each patient, including Revision Rhinoplasty, Deviated Septum/Septoplasty, Functional Rhinoplasty. Overall, Beverly Hills patients who are over the age of 13 are eligible for rhinoplasty. While this may sound young, studies have proven that rhinoplasty provides teens with significant benefits, both psychologically and socially, by helping them create a positive self-image.

Regardless of your age, Dr. Nima will carefully evaluate your emotional and physical readiness for rhinoplasty before agreeing to perform the procedure. His goal is to protect your overall health and well being, so if you aren’t quite ready for rhinoplasty, he will tell you.

Will My Sense Of Smell Be Altered After My Rhinoplasty?

After your rhinoplasty procedure, you may notice that your sense of smell is slightly diminished. This is the result of swelling in and around the nose and is to be expected. Depending on what type of rhinoplasty procedure you have, temporary loss of smell could last as long as a month. However, after your swelling has subsided, your sense of smell will return to normal and could even improve. Patients whose nasal structure was previously obstructing their airway, often experience better breathing and smelling after Dr. Nima makes functional changes to the internal structures of the nose.

Choose Dr. Nima For Your Rhinoplasty

Dr. Nima has dedicated his career to the beauty and art of facial aesthetics and has many notable achievements that testify to his expertise and commitment to the highest quality patient care. He is a double board-certified facial plastic, head and neck surgeon. Additionally, he has performed nearly 8,000 facial procedures over the course of his career. He ranks in the top 1% of his 20,000-member doctor community, having been honored by RealSelf in their Top 100 and 500 lists for seven consecutive years. With qualifications like that, you know you’ve chosen someone of high caliber when you choose Dr. Nima for your rhinoplasty.

Call his office in Beverly Hills today at (310) 772-2866 to schedule your initial consultation.