Female With Dark Hair and Orange Earrings Smiling From ExcitementAlthough we are born with our skin type, our skin condition changes, especially with the seasons. So, why would you use the same skincare products in the summer, as you would in the winter? The correct answer is: you wouldn’t.

During the summer, your focus should turn to keeping your pores really clean and your skin very protected. A good cleanser, antioxidants (Vitamin C), and SPF (minimum 30) are your go-to products.

We know that it can get expensive to purchase new products. We also know it can be difficult to decide what products are right for your skin condition. Dr. Nima is here to make this transition a lot less intimidating for you, And a little easier on the pocket book.

Introducing, the Eos Recycling Program. Bring us any of your old skincare containers (empty or full) for recycling, and we will give you 20% off any of the products from our IS Clinical line. When you come in, we will evaluate your skin and help you choose the best products for your condition.

If you have never heard of IS Clinical Skincare, I highly encourage you to do some research. I have been in the cosmetic and skincare industry for over a decade, and I will try anything once. IS Clinical, hands down, is one of my favorite lines. At the end of the day, I’m all about results, whether that pertains to my skin or my client’s. IS Clinical produces innovative, highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products that deliver dramatic, physiological improvements to the skin. I have witnessed this, first hand, over and over again with the products from IS Clinical.

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Hope to see you, and your bag full of recyclables, soon!

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