Can A Rhinoplasty Help To Fix A Crooked Nose?

Yes. A rhinoplasty can definitely help a crooked nose. The first step is for the surgeon to determine what is causing the crooked nose, and from there they can figure out the solution to the problem. It can be anything from the bones being crooked or the cartilage being crooked, with different maneuvers used to handle each. In addition, typically people who have crooked noses also have trouble breathing through the nose and this can be fixed at the same time.

Undergoing A Rhinoplasty To Make A Nose Straight

A crooked nose is a very difficult problem to deal with. The first step is to correct any deviated septum. If the nose still needs an adjustment after a septoplasty, then the surgeon usually places cartilage grafts along the bridge of the nose to make it more straight. The nice thing about this is that usually those grafts can help improve breathing and support the nose. As the patient heals, breathing should improve. You should expect to have a nose that is straighter after rhinoplasty but achieving a perfectly straight nose is very difficult. The reason is because the nose is susceptible to any healing issues, as well as memory of the bones and cartilage; the nose wants to shift back to its original crooked state.

Can Revision Rhinoplasty Correct Asymmetric Results?

Rhinoplasty in and of itself is a very difficult operation. Sometimes things do not go well or the nose heals in a certain manner, which leaves you a little unsatisfied. It is best to wait six months before attempting to correct asymmetric results. It can be corrected depending on what the problem is. Sometimes it is a bone that needs to be moved in or out, or a piece of cartilage that needs to be restored. You should keep your surgeon aware of any dissatisfaction and then they will be dealt with in an appropriate manner when the time is right.

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