This is a very common question that is asked by our patients.  They are worried that rhinoplasty will hurt.  They are worried about the nasal bones “being broken” and that they will feel pain.

In reality, rhinoplasty surgery is not painful at all.  Most clients describe it as some mild discomfort, others just feel stuffy like a cold rather than painful.  Patients are given pain medication in case they need it.  Most patients just take one pain pill the evening after surgery, and then just Tylenol as needed.  The stuffiness usually lasts about a week when the cast and stitches come out.

With newer techniques, we are able to prevent pain from happening so that it is very mild in the recovery phase.  When the sutures come out, it can be a little sensitive so if our patients have a ride, they can take a pain pill prior to coming in.  This takes the edge off for maximal comfort.

If you have any other questions regarding rhinoplasty surgery or the recovery period, please feel free to contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 982-4612.