Caucasian Female Wearing Beautiful White Strapless GownIn honor of Oscar weekend, I sat down with Dr. Nima Shemirani to discuss how the Stars prepare for the big event.

MJ: How do the Stars get the chiseled cheek bones and jaw lines? It can’t just be the result of diet and exercise?

Dr. Shemirani: Stars often use facial fillers like Radiesse to plump their cheeks before a big event. As far as creating a more structured jaw line, botox can be injected into larger jaw muscles. Another great option for creating a more contoured look.

MJ: Before a big event, stress always makes me breakout. How do the Stars keep their complexions clear and blemish free?

Dr. Shemirani: A day before a big event, a cortisone injection into a blemish can help flatten the pimple and make it easier to cover up with makeup. And there you have it, people. We may not be going to the Oscars, but we all have big events to attend. Now we can all look as good as our favorite Hollywood Star.

Dr. Shemirani specializes in Facial Plastic Surgery and administers all these procedures at his Beverly Hills practice.

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